Remedies for Warts

by on January 2, 2012

Home Remedies for Warts

Warts are abnormal, discolored growth on our skin, and they can appear anywhere. Medical treatments for warts include topical ointments and cauterization (burning the wart off.) Thankfully, there are natural treatments that you can administer yourself to get rid of warts.

What are warts?

Warts are caused mainly by viral infections, and that usually means they go away on their own when the virus finishes its course. There are various types which are named depending on where they are. Genital warts, take for instance, are warts near the genital area and are usually caused by STDs. Genital warts need immediate medical attention and you should see a doctor immediately if you see one anywhere in your genital area.

The most common type of wart are ones that are on the hands and feet. Warts can grow on the elbows, face, head, almost anywhere that skin is usually exposed. Some warts are painless, while some cause debilitating pain like warts on the feet that might cause pain when walking.

How to prevent warts

Proper hygiene is the best way to avoid getting warts anywhere in the body. Avoid getting cuts on your skin, even tiny ones. Any size of cut on the skin exposes it to bacteria, fungi and viruses such as the type that cause warts. Using protective footwear in public showers, pools, and saunas is a helpful method of preventing warts as this would shield your skin from any virus that can attach itself to your skin and develop into a wart. On top of that, it can also prevent you from getting fungal feet infection like athlete’s foot if you wear waterproof, protective footwear in such places.

If you already have a wart, it’s best not to scratch, prick, or even touch it too much. There are natural treatments that you can administer to make it go away.

Home remedies for warts

Natural treatment for warts isn’t a onetime deal. Warts could be reoccurring if not treated properly, and even natural treatment can last months or even years. A little patience and perseverance, with the right type of application, will make it go away. Again, for genital warts, it’s best to see a doctor and let him or her look at it for you instead of resorting to natural treatments, as genital warts are an indication of another underlying, more serious disease.

Castor oil is a very effective topical solution remedy for warts. Apply it every night on the wart until it starts to shrink and disappear. This treatment can take several months, so you have to remember to apply the oil every night for the wart to go away.

Young, fresh fig extract can also be applied to warts as a treatment, and should be applied to the wart several times a day for two weeks. You can also use potatoes as a topical treatment. Just cut a potato and rub it on the wart several times a day. Before bed, you can also mash the fresh, unprocessed potatoes, apply it on the wart and place a bandage over the wart to make sure the potato pulp stays in place.

Another natural treatment for warts are onions. Apply fresh cut onions on the warts, making sure the onion’s juice seeps well onto the wart. Let the juice dry and apply the onion juice several times to promote blood circulation to the affected area. You can’t use this treatment on facial warts since the onion juice might irritate your facial skin and make the problem worse.

If the warts start causing pain or already debilitates you from doing daily activities, it’s always best to seek medical advice and treatment. Natural treatment is of course the best and effective way for any and all ailments, and you have the added perk of knowing exactly what goes on your body. But persistent ailments such as warts might need medical attention and you should never hesitate to see a doctor for it if it’s a persistent condition.

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