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by on January 9, 2012

It’s a common misconception that anxiety only has mental manifestations. Truth is, it affects your physical health if you don’t address it before the physical manifestations start to show. It’s very important that you seek psychiatric help for something like anxiety. It’s a condition that can really mess up your everyday routine.

What is anxiety?
In our everyday lives, we feel a whole range of emotions. We regularly feel fear, apprehension, worry, and a bunch of other things that make us uncomfortable. These feelings are considered as normal reactions to different causes that we encounter throughout the day and it usually goes away in a matter of minutes, sometimes even hours.

But when the feelings start to get constant and affect how we think, feel, and interact with the everyday things around us, then it might be counted as an anxiety disorder. Simply put, negative feelings that mostly have to do with worry and fear are normal. But when that feeling lasts for longer than they should, say a certain worry lasts for weeks on end, then it turns to anxiety instead of a mere worry.

Symptoms of anxiety
Something can bother us a lot and we’d still miss the fact that we’re already suffering from anxiety. Feeling constantly worried about something or feeling apprehensive of something all the time, sometimes without cause, is a clear sign that you’re suffering from anxiety. Other symptoms are stated below.

A persistent headache
Diarrhea when you didn’t eat anything upsetting to your stomach.
A sudden, reoccuring onset of palpitations.
Numbness or prickling pain in the upper extremities.
Profuse sweating and flushing.
A backache that won’t go away.

Preventing anxiety
Our bodies have a natural way of coping with stress and anxiety. It’s only when the stressor, or the thing that causes stress, is too much for us that we suffer anxiety. A good way of preventing this is to pay more attention to yourself. Identifying what makes you stressed by taking a step back and assessing certain situations which you feel cause you a great deal of stress is a good way of preventing a case of anxiety.

After identifying what gives you a great deal of worry, you need to either avoid these situations or figure out a better way of dealing with it. Put these worries into a focus that you know you can deal with before you start worrying about it constantly. You can also turn to yoga, other forms of exercise, deep breathing relaxation exercises, and meditation to lessen the effects of stressful situations which lead to anxiety.

Getting a lot of rest every night as well as keeping to a healthy diet can better prepare your body to deal with stress, thereby preventing anxiety. Finally, remember that if you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to put yourself in a mindset that you can do things and that you’ll get through your worries. Natural cures for anxiety
If it feels like you’re already suffering from anxiety or if your psychiatrist diagnosed you with anxiety, you can turn to some of nature’s remedies for a very stressed mind. Natural anxiety cures, just like its pharmacological counterparts, focus a lot on relaxing the mind and body and might make you fall asleep. It’s better to turn to natural remedies at your own time or take extra care with dosage when you’re in a busy environment such as work.

Passionflower is a well-known folk remedy for anxiety and insomnia. It’s a herbal supplement that has about the same effects as benzodiazepine drugs. It’s available in forms of teas, infusions, tinctures and liquid extracts.

Research in its efficacy on anxiety is limited, but valerian is known to have the same effects as the anti-anxiety drug, diazepam. Valerian, specifically its root, is available in forms of tea, capsules, and liquid extract. Keep in mind that both passionflower and valerian root should not be taken with other medications due to possible side effects.

Talk to your doctor if you continue to have problems.

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