Beating Hangover Naturally

by on December 22, 2011

Beating Hangover Naturally

Celebrations are not complete without alcoholic beverages. We have to admit that alcohol drinks highlights the celebration. Even during the old times, alcoholic beverages are always present on the tables during special occasions. It is quite funny that no matter how bitter alcoholic beverages are, many people are being hooked to its taste. Without the presence of alcohol, it seems that there’s something missing, it seems so hard to celebrate. Indeed, alcohol can heighten the enjoyment of celebrations.

After the booze and the craze, person has to face a problem associated with alcohol beverages. Alcohol when being taken in, especially in larger amounts, may result to hangover. If we have hangover, we may suffer from severe headache, the head may feel heavy and we may even feel nauseated, as if we want to throw up everything that we took in.

Well, there are certain things that we can follow in order to alleviate and prevent hangover. Though there are natural ways that we can do so that we can manage hangover, it is still much better to control alcohol consumption.

If you think that managing hangover is a tedious task, well you are absolutely wrong. You can even find some ingredients in your kitchen cupboards or refrigerators. Alleviating hangover can be so simple; you can do it in your homes so you don’t have to go to a medical clinic or hospital.

Taking in multivitamins in a regular basis, especially before going to sleep, may help in terms of hangover prevention. The rationale behind this is because multivitamins contains all the essential nutrients, minerals and electrolytes that we tend to lose whenever we take in alcohol. There are even some vitamins that have detoxification properties and may help in clearing the liver. Clearing the liver means getting rid of those toxins that causes hangovers.

Fruit juices are also good in managing hangover. It is because of the fact that it helps in alleviating the 2 known causes of hangover which is dehydration and not enough vitamins and minerals. Alcohol has a diuretic effect that may cause dehydration. Alcohol also breaks some essential vitamins and minerals like potassium which is relevant to avoid hangover.

You can have combination of several fruits that you can make as good organic juice such as kiwi, cranberry, blueberry, banana, passion fruit and mango. Pineapple and orange is good if your stomach is already filled. Taking it with an empty stomach is not advisable because of its acidic properties.

Fruits are rich in vitamins, thus making it as a good option for replacing all the elements that you lost. Having low level of blood sugar may cause hangover. Therefore, foods that are rich in starch can alleviate hangover.

Make sure that you will eat first before having the booze. It is proven that drinking alcohol with an empty stomach can cause hangover. After having a good time with booze and wines, it is highly recommended to have a glass of milk before sleeping. This can prevent the symptoms of hangover.

Greasy breakfast meals are tested to be good in managing the symptoms of hangover. It is also good to eat banana before and after drinking alcoholic beverages. Banana is known to be rich in potassium. Potassium has certain properties that can relieve headache.

Exercise can help in managing hangover. It is considered as the best home remedy for hangover. Through our sweat, our body will be able to expel the toxins that causes hangover.

Though home remedies for hangover are available, drinking moderately is more advised.

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