Natural Cures for Arthritis

by on January 31, 2012

Natural Cures for Arthritis
The problem itself remains the same; pain in and around the joints. Some natural cures could go a long way with this condition, but it’s imperative to see a doctor to confirm this diagnosis as it’s a very serious health condition that gets in the way of our every day activities.
What is arthritis?
Arthritis is basically an impairment of any joint in the body. As we all know, we all got a lot of joints; it’s where bones connect to other bones via ligaments and muscles, the biggest ones being the knees. If the rounded bones that make up the joints or anything around that starts to wear down, contracts some bacterial infection, or suffers a deficiency in fluids that are important for it to move properly, arthritis becomes the problem. There are hundreds of types of arthritis registered in medical books, but generally the symptoms are as follows.
              Symptoms of arthritis
  • Joint pain. Any joint pain.
  • Swelling around the joints.
  • General feeling of fatigue.
  • A stiff feeling where the joints are.
  • Redness around or on the area of the joint itself.
How to prevent arthritis
Keep your bones healthy. It’s a very important and very effective way of avoiding arthritis. Make sure you get as much calcium and iron as possible, as these two minerals always go hand in hand to work in our bodies. Everyday calcium supplements coupled with iron also helps with preventing this disease. A healthy portion of calcium-rich food, mostly pure (unprocessed as possible) dairy products are good sources of calcium. Healthy doses of protein for your muscles will help avoid arthritis too.
A daily exercise routine of isometric exercises helps with bone stability, while stretching exercises in general also help with keeping bones (including the joints) in good health.
Home remedies for arthritis
Before anything, there are a lot of diseases that can cause joint pain. Make sure it’s really arthritis you’re suffering from by seeking professional, medical advice first and foremost.
Exercise particularly focused on losing weight helps a lot with arthritis. Some have even reported that symptoms of their arthritis disappear after losing a few pounds. A high fiber diet coupled with some help from your dietician helps a lot with managing this disease. Seeking help from professional physical therapists might also help a lot with exercising joints affected by arthritis. They can also give you advice on how to manage the symptoms and alleviate the pain and swelling. You can apply hot and cold pads on painful joints to alleviate the pain a bit. Heating pads can be heating blankets or rubber warm compress filled with hot water. For cold pads, you can use a bag of frozen peas or a bag of frozen meat. Wintergreen oil massaged into affected areas might also help with the pain and swelling caused by arthritis. Eucalyptus oil works just as well. The minty, cool substance might help with the symptoms. A diet of omega-3 fatty acids might also help a lot with your arthritis symptoms. This mineral lessens swelling. And if there’s less swelling, there’s bound to be less pain around the arthritic area. Glucosamine helps with connective tissue growth and formation. This mineral might help with your arthritis. Eating glucosamine rich food like shellfish might help with your arthritis. Eating bone marrow and neck broth from cattle will also supplement you with the glucosamine that you need.  Alternatively, there are also natural glucosamine supplements available over the counter in some natural supplements store.

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