Remedies for Hair Loss AKA: Alopecia

by on January 17, 2012

Home Remedies for Hair Loss
One of the most common problems all over the world is alopecia, or the loss of hair. We all want to keep a full head of hair without balding or thinning patches. It just looks better that way. Tons of hair regrowth solutions all over the market promise that your hair will grow right back. But do we really want to put chemicals on our head that we’re not at all familiar with when we can have the same results with natural homemade remedies?

What is hair loss?
It’s normal for our head to shed about a hundred strands of hair a day, so don’t freak out over two or three strands of hair stuck to your hair brush once you’re done brushing. Genetics and hormones, however, can make us lose thousands of hair strands every day. What’s really horrifying is if we wake up one day and notice a bald spot anywhere on our head or a thin patch of hair somewhere there when everywhere else seems to have it thick.

Symptoms of hair loss
1. An unnatural amount of loss of hair
2. A bald patch around the top of your head
3. A ton of hair on your hairbrush after using it
4. An itchy, sore spot on your head with thinning hair on or surrounding the irritated site

How to prevent hair loss
First off, let’s discuss what DOESN’T cause loss of hair. Often wearing a wig and a hat won’t cause hair loss. Washing your hair too often is commonly misconceived as a reason for hair loss, but what you use to wash your hair might cause the hair loss so go with shampoos and conditioners that are made from natural ingredients. Too much hair product might cause loss of hair, but only because it irritates your scalp. It’s not because you wash your hair too much.

Have you noticed that people who lead healthy lifestyles usually have a healthy head of hair? It’s cause a good and proper diet coupled with exercise is also a good way to prevent hair loss. A healthy diet and exercise promotes good blood circulation all over your body, and that includes the top of your head. Good blood circulation promotes healthy hair growth. Same goes for the healthy diet part.

Some problems concerning the loss of hair have a lot to do with genetics and hormone imbalance. For that, natural home remedies might help with making hair grow back.

Natural cures for hair loss
Dong quai and nettle root, either in supplement or raw form, might be helpful with coping with loss of hair. Apply the extract or take it in supplement fo
Hibiscus flowers and coconut oil simmered and applied to your head might promote hair growth. Ginseng stimulates blood flow and might also help with loss of hair when applied to the scalp.

Saw palmetto extract is a popular ingredient for hair growth. It’s the most used active ingredient in tons of other hair growth products. If you could get your hands on some of it in its raw form, massaging it to your scalp might help with your hair loss.

A good amount of iron and calcium in your diet will also help with loss of hair. Blood circulation all the way up the scalp is the key to promoting hair growth and a healthy scalp to boot.
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